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How to make a Bright and White Background​

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

To make a bright and white background Known as high key photography you need to know some essential tips. Here are: 4 Tips to make Perfect White Background in Studio Photography:

1– Use a Pure White Background I use a big, white piece of paper as the background in my studio. You don’t need to use an expensive camera or lens for this type of picture, because you can use any camera for high key photography. 2– Use two flashes on the background A white background without light doesn’t appear white in the photo, it appears ugly and grey background. To create a bright and white background for wedding, family, birthday or others more than one people or with decoration photography, you need to completely overexpose your background from two sides without overexposing your subject. That means you’ll need much more light on your background than on your foreground subject.

How to Make a Bright and White Background​ for Pregnancy Photography
Pregnancy Photography with a Bright and White Background​
How to Make a Bright and White Background​ for Kids Photography
Kids Photography with a Bright and White Background​

3-Use one off camera flash for portrait photography

Another easy way to create a bright background for portrait photography is to light it with an off camera flash. Simply move your model four to six feet away from your background and hide a flash behind your model, pointing it at the background. When you take your photo, the flash will light the background and make it appear completely white.

An off camera flash doesn’t have to be expensive.


How to Make a Bright and White Background​ for Portrait Photography
Portrait Photography with a Bright and White Background​

4– Don’t overexpose the background more than enough

You can overexpose a high key background too much. If you bounce too much light off your background, the back lighting will overtake your model and wash out your picture.

To get a perfectly white background without washing out your picture, start your background light at its lowest power and increase it one stop at a time until the background is white enough and not washing out the subject.


High key photography is challenging because it requires you to create an intentionally overexposed background while still properly exposing your subject. Once you learn how to use exposure compensation and light your background, you’ll be able to create perfect white backgrounds in just a few minutes.

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